News from February 2015

QI learning website launched

Sunday, 1, February, 2015

A new e-learning website 'QI learning' has been launched as an introduction to quality improvement for health and social care professionals. The e-learning programme covers four areas: managing quality, tools and techniques, evaluation and improving practice. It also includes an evaluation and assessment for learners to print out a certificate of learning. QI learning was developed, with support from the Health Foundation's Widening Improvement Programme, from a new book by Steve Gillam and Niro Siriwardena, Quality Improvement in Primary Care: The essential guide published by Radcliffe Publishing (2014). Included in the Resources section of the e-learning programme are a series of webinars which build on this material.

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Our e-learning programme is designed as an introduction for health and social care professionals interested to learn more about the science and practice of quality improvement (QI).